The Russian company Yota Devices is known for the innovative YotaPhone with us, a smartphone with e-ink display on the back. Although the successor is yet to come this year on the market, but another thing currently makes more headlines. And that should please old BlackBerry employees.

Once, BlackBerry – formerly RIM (the contribution) – was one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. In particular, the capabilities and opportunities in the mobile communications were the figurehead signs for the company until it has miscalculated and the descent began. With BlackBerry OS 10 and completely new devices, although the turnaround should be done, but that did not work well known. The result is thousands of laid-off employees, but these same people could find a new home at Yota Devices.


Yota Devices wants specialized personnel

Currently, the Russian company Yota Devices is still resident in Moscow, but the manufacturer of the YotaPhone (the contribution) plans by the end of his headquarters to relocate to Canada, such as the Financial Post reported. In conversation are Toronto and Waterloo, as the cost in the United States fail a bit higher. Moreover, in Canada, the taxes are lower for the company behind the YotaPhone and the government is also optimistic regarding the support for Yota Devices. According to CEO Vlad Martynov had the change to Canada but other, more important reasons.

And lying in the available labor force in Canada. Several former engineers of BlackBerry are still in Toronto or Waterloo, who were not ready for a move to a different state or another country. Now they could get a new chance at Yota Devices and work on possible YotaPhone 3 if the YotaPhone 2 should be a success. The supply of qualified workers is in Canada at any rate much higher than in Russia as it seems.

The YotaPhone 2 (the contribution) is characterized by its 4.7-inch E-Ink display on the rear panel, which is in addition to the 5-inch FullHD display installed on the front. While a quad-core Snapdragon 800 is not a high-end SoC more, but the price should be set at that level, a more than sufficient chipset for a very interesting smartphone.

August 11, 2014


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