Xiaomi Mi TV 2

Xiaomi, as previously announced, has been in contention a new Android device, your new My TV of 40 inches. If you recently talked about the new Philips TVs with Android 5.1 we could try, in this case what they wear is the particular layer MIUI TV from the Chinese manufacturer based on Android and, above all, some enhanced capabilities that seem focused on interactive entertainment through of Android games.

The new My TV is actually added to the second generation of TV company where there was already a model of 49 inches which is now 40 inches, which this time is FullHD adds rather 4K like 49 inches, and again, as main quality as the other devices of the Asian company has an irresistible price, just 300 euros to change.

The panel, as in the past, is signed by Sharp and is specifically an X-GEN LED FullHD SDP with a contrast ratio of 5000: 1. His character in “console” Android gives you the hardware that supports it where we can find a MStar 6A908 ARM Cortex-A9 processor, quad-core 1.45 Ghz but mostly because it gets supported by a Mali-450 MP4 GPU 1 5 GB of RAM and 8 GB for storing data. Finally, the audio falls into a virtual Dolby surround system MS12. The operating system is Android 4.4 MIUI TV Kitkat basis but an upgrade to Android 5.0 is promised.

xioami my tv February 40 inches

These features are similar and in some cases superior to Android as OUYA consoles, which had a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor capabilities similar but less RAM, for example. This suggests that playing games, which are adapted to Chromecast and these special devices Android games, 1080p will not cause any problem. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connections which we can either use a phone as a dedicated gamepad to control them.
A tele to “entertain”

Needless to say you can play any video file – and probably if you can not soon be an application to endure – and as indicated earlier, the price of 1,999 yuan to change are $ 322, which in Europe results in 296 euros. Its sale, like the rest of the catalog Xiaomi, will be restricted to China and although it is more difficult to import product, sure there are distribution networks like crazy to seize stock as of March 31 is when it gets to sale, another of his hallmarks, varied and original color range in red, green, blue and yellow colors among others.

xiaomi my tv 2

Are you shall do with my 40 inch TV 2 if you have the chance? Does the import price far believe that rise to remain attractive? Leave us your impressions with the new television Xiaomi in the comments.

March 25, 2015


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