The Samsung Galaxy Gear is now a year old soon and thanks to custom ROMs like the TizenMod far from being old iron. Although no longer runs on the Android operating system clock since the last major update of the Smart Watch from Samsung, you still do not have to do without a custom ROM. And even has a few advantages over the simple Tizen.

Because the developers of TizenMod mentioned custom ROMs promises that the endurance of the batteries has increased again compared to based Tizen stock firmware. The power saving function is especially evident when the Galaxy Gear is used in a non-Samsung device. You can also change the current version of TizenMod various tones of the system, the boot animation, icons and fonts. Everything you can not with the stock firmware of smart clock. Even the clock frequency of the processor that you can customize if you want to.


All it takes is for TizenMod Odin in version 3.09, the Custom ROM and of course the Galaxy Gear itself. Adjustments themselves are somewhat cumbersome to use since it mandatory for ADB needs and a desktop computer. All important and how its Galaxy Gear more able to adapt to his needs with TizenMod, there are, as always with the XDA Developers.

August 11, 2014


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