Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony has presented at the IFA 2014 appropriate for the Xperia smartphones Z3 and Z3 Z3 Compact Xperia Tablet Compact. The device is just like the other members of the Xperia family-Z3-waterproof, offers an 8-inch Full HD display and long battery life and comes therefore at a shallower body than Apple’s iPad mini.

With the new Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, Sony ventured for the first time in the tablet category under 10 inches, but in no way does without premium on powerful hardware. The chassis of the handy tablet is certified to IP65 and IP68, which means, among other things, it is protected from dirt and dust and can survive, if necessary, a 30-minute water band, providing a water depth of 1.5 meters is not exceeded. The 8-inch display offers a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 283 dpi, and should still be readable even in direct sunlight Sony’s statements after.

The central components inside the Z3 Tablet Compact correspond to those of the two Z3 smartphones. Driven the 8-inch device consequently of the quad-core Snapdragon SoC 801 from Qualcomm, which operates at a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz and has access to 3 gigabytes of RAM. In addition, the tablet over 16 gigabytes of internal flash memory and a microSD slot, the cards with capacity of up to 128 gigabytes has receives.

The permanently installed battery in Z3 Compact Tablet comes up with a capacity of 4500 mAh, which should allow the manufacturer up to 12 hours of continuous video playback. There is an 8-megapixel camera with Exmor-RS sensor, which still produces decent shots even in low light conditions, when Sony’s information is correct at the back of the unit.

Despite the really attractive features, the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 270 grams is lightweight and offers a only 6.4 millimeters thick chassis. With these values ​​it presents itself both lighter and flatter than for example the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display. In terms of software is on the device at the factory just like the rest of the Z3 family Android 4.4.4 KitKat used, slightly modified its appearance and functionality of Sony with its own surface.

Also of the smartphone Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact accepts the Z3 Tablet Compact skills, digital audio through the USB interface to a suitable D / A converter output, to enhance the sound via an integrated DCEE-HX-process and on request PlayStation enjoy 4 games via remote play on the tablet screen.

Sony wants to bring the new Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact with integrated LTE modem in September 2014, to the market. The device should be in the colors black and white for a suggested retail price of 499 euros to buy it then.

September 5, 2014


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