Snapdragon 810 Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

It is known by all the “notorious” eight-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which have been reported numerous problems of overheating. We had already echoed more than once of the steps taken by Qualcomm for these problems will end. The adoption by Xiaomi measures to mount this processor on their devices with guarantees seems to have borne fruit so far, since its new Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is experiencing temperature according to users.

In this case were the same terminal users who have reported these problems through social networks and forums. And it seems that it is a simple heater, which radiates more heat than usual by the Xiaomi, but is causing serious malfunctions in the terminal. Some users talk about burned as a result of this alleged overheating processor boards. Other units of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro have experienced even the touchpad has stopped functioning. Other users have reported that the device becomes extremely hot after having fully charged battery, with consequent performance issues we have discussed before.

Snapdragon 810

The list of setbacks Snapdragon 810 is already very long, starting with Samsung’s decision to dispense with this processor to move its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. So they opted for the Exynos processors that have given such a good performance. In any case, we have read that Qualcomm was working for this overheating cease and that Xiaomi had already done the same for what did not happen precisely what is happening to your Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Are user complaints yet and there are no official records of these problems, but certainly Xiaomi should start thinking that maybe the precautions taken are not as effective as they thought.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro in white and camera view

Let’s wait and see how Xiaomi facing these problems and explain their various patents to combat overheating Snapdragon processor 810 may not have worked at all. It is unlikely that high temperatures are caused by software, when in fact speak of a terminal with the controversial 810 Snapdragon inside. We’ll see what ends all this misfortune Qualcomm processor

May 16, 2015


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