Sharp Aquos Crystal 2

The fashion of the edge-to-edge display has remote origins, want to limitations of the technology, either because in the past all of the devices had small displays such that the side frames not compromise handling and use one-handed . Today, however, innovation is made compulsory to display increasingly phablet-style that undermine the ergonomics of modern smartphones.

The first company to move into this sector was Sharp, who with her Aquos Crystal has gone far beyond the display borderless eliminating the top edge of the phone.

During today unveiled the Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 characterized by:

Snapdragon processor
Display 5.2-inch S-PureLED HD resolution
2 GB of RAM
16 GB of internal memory
8 megapixel camera
Battery from 2,030 mAh
It was not yet announced what processor has been used for the device but assuming a Snapdragon 615.

Not a top of the range, then, but a smartphone definitely very special nod to the design and a form-factor unusual.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, Aquos Crystal 2 will only be available in Japan from mid-July 2015.

May 20, 2015


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