Samsung SM-A500

So it will at least have heard SamMobile and provide equal yet some more data to the smartphone, which is to follow the Samsung Galaxy Alpha next in the A-series. Because with this device family, the South Korean company wants to bring premium quality in the middle class and said Galaxy Alpha is already for a first look. Although likely a complete metal housing come across some reciprocal love, but also brings a number of restrictions and to just heard not replaceable battery.

The rest of the hardware of the Samsung SM-A500 will move at the usual level of the middle class. This includes a Super AMOLED display with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, a quad-core processor of the brand Snapdragon 400 of unknown clock speed, an 8 megapixel resolution camera on the back and an internal flash memory of 16 GB in size.

Something unusual is likely to almost the 2,330 mAh battery be comprehensive in the smartphone from Samsung. This promises a lot more endurance than the nominally be moved to the SM-A500 Alpha Galaxy. This has a battery with only 1860 mAh and is hardly a full working day. This is therefore likely to be better in the case of Samsung SM-A500.

A really interesting detail there in the end and that is a hybrid slot for a two BWA Nano-SIM card or a MicroSD memory card. Accordingly, Samsung plans to the SM-A500 as a dual-SIM model to bring to the market and shall provide the customer the choice of whether he prefers to use two SIM cards or expanded memory.

September 13, 2014


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