Samsung Gear Solo

Samsung could imagine not only the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear VR during the IFA 2014, the South Korean manufacturer has apparently also a new SmartWatch in store. The “Samsung Gear Solo” is to function as a standalone device, in this sense is not a companion device such as Samsung’s previous models or Smart Gear-Watches that are based on Android Wear.

That Samsung will present its Galaxy Note 4 on September 3, are almost certain, and also with the derVorstellung Gear VR, a virtual reality glasses, which can be used in conjunction with the phablet, is expected. Samsung could still conjure up the proverbial rabbit out of the hat – in the form of a new SmartWatch.

Samsung Gear Solo

The previously located by Samsung in the market Smart Watches need to ensure that the functionality can be utilized fully, all be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. The Gear Solo is how the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported to function as a standalone device. For this purpose, the manufacturer donated the wearable apparently its own SIM card slot, which would mean that the clock could also be phoned in Dick Tracy-style if possible. And also mail or SMS could theoretically be received with the Gear solo to have connected without a smartphone with the clock.

About the specifications of Gear solo is so far not known yet, but the clock is to support the sources of According to Yonhap only UMTS and no LTE. Also on the operating system used is not yet known, but we suspect that the gadget will run with Tizen OS, after Android Wear is explicitly designed as an operating system for smartphones supporting wearables.

August 11, 2014


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