Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Android 4.4

Samsung’s flagship smartphone from the year 2012, the Galaxy S3, unfortunately so far remained at the updates on Google Android 4.4 on the sidelines. But now emerges a new glimmer of hope in his native South Korea Samsung provides the update with the build number “E210SKSUKNI3” both wirelessly and via the PC software “gravel” already made​​. Before international customers but very happy now, it hails the ultimate damper: The South Korean version of the Galaxy S3 has 2 instead of 1 GB of RAM.

So Samsung had argued that the Galaxy S3 is not ready for Google Android 4.4 because it offers too little RAM. Therefore, the manufacturer can not guarantee round user experience. This problem becomes relative in the South Korean version with more memory.

The chance to win an official Google Android 4.4 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 international remains, unfortunately, probably extremely low.

September 24, 2014


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