Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Note 7 a new high-end phablet, which now had to prove in terms of the built-up Super AMOLED display with the experts of DisplayMate itself. As expected, the device has absolutely convinced in the test and even set new records.

The result of DisplayMate with respect to the Galaxy in Samsung Note 7 built Super AMOLED panel with PenTile Diamond-pixel matrix was foreseeable basically. So far, each new Samsung smartphone has there always cut with the best result and set a new benchmark for the competition, but also for the successor. But that is indeed the fact that Samsung, the development of OLED technology is driving as much as almost any other company, to obstruct always better displays in the own terminal can. So it is hardly surprising that also cuts off the dual-edge display in the Grade 7 with top marks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with very bright HDR display
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 2222

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 1111
In the test, the panel of Display Mate Galaxy Note 7 are but noticed some peculiarities that have actually helped make the smartphone the lead in the region does not take nothing at Samsung. The presentation of content is as always very good, the resolution with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and more than adequate with the new color modes, the user for any situation you find the perfect setting. But the score 7 also has a so-called HDR display, including a very high brightness is necessary – just as the high-dynamic-range effect can also come to its best advantage. To reach the grade 7 a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. In comparison, the display of the Galaxy S7 comes with “only” 855 Nits – but this, of course, already is an outstanding value.

First smartphone ever, the Galaxy Note 7 has also brightness sensors on the front and on the rear panel. Thus the ambient light is determined not only with regard to the user, but also in the direction in which he is looking. This ensures an even better regulating the brightness of the display and thus optimum readability. Otherwise, a new blue light filter is not integrated, which allows the eye-friendly representation in dark situations and the panel 5 is protected by the new Gorilla Glass.

August 11, 2016


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