OPPO R7 Plus

After the OPPO R7 has kept us in the past few months with leaks and rumors on your toes, there are currently more detailed information on the Plus version of the noble smartphones. This time it concerns in particular the specifications of the device, which can be taken Benchmark entry a GFX. Among other things, a 1.9 GHz Octa-Core CPU and possibly a 5.9-inch display should be used. Thanks to new official renderings, there are also a closer look at the almost frameless design.

OPPO R7 Plus: Official pictures released by phablet, leaked specifications possible
Actually, the OPPO R7 has long been traded in rumors and leaks as the coming frameless smartphone of the company. Meanwhile, should be assumed that when R7 indeed very slim margins will be used on the left and right of the display, the Edge-to-Edge display, however the OPPO R7 Plus will be reserved. The larger model with the fingerprint sensor on the back has already been spotted on some pictures and is apparently also appear to contain a noble slim metal body. This is confirmed by another official renderings of the manufacturer, showing the R7 and R7 plus side by side.

Although the two devices on the first look at the front look very similar, but can be clearly seen that the frame of the R7 Plus is considerably slimmer. Also the difference in size and the fingerprint sensor R7 Plus can be seen in the pictures, also no capacitive keys but on-screen buttons come when R7 Plus unlike the R7 used.

Possible specifications of OPPO R7 Plus

Not only on the outside of the R7 Plus is thus quite a bit known also about the inner workings new information surfaced. In GFXBench the R7 Plus has already been spotted: It is supposed to have a 5.9-inch full-HD display, which just has to be treated with caution, the size specification of the display. Finally, can this not measure concretely the benchmark but will only read out based on various parameters. Also on board will be a MediaTek CPU, namely the MT6795M with a clock speed of 1.9GHz. This should have a positive effect on the price also, the performance still has to prove itself in practical tests.

Otherwise are benchmarked 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and a 7 MP camera each on the front and back on board. This is likely to be an error, unless OPPO not want to go up with a novel camera technology – we can assume that two 8 MP cameras are installed. The specifications sound overall quite acceptable, although at the display resolution and processor is still room for improvement. The processor comes Geekbench-reported to a Helio X10 chip to use, which is to be a vice surged MT6795 octa-core processor. Curious one must wait on May 20 on what OPPO will demand price for the two new smartphones. The website Mobi Picker reported that at least the normal R7 will be sold for just under 360 euros. We’ll keep you in any case up to date and report as soon as there is any news.

May 15, 2015


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