Nexus 9 NVIDIA

During the IFA 2014 there were again many interesting innovations around smartphones and other gadgets, and almost a little way the first patent lawsuit from NVIDIA was announced. Even if the sued companies are not small fish but something else has attracted the attention: The Nexus 9 of HTC.

NVIDIA is now quite long in the business with GPUs and is active with the Tegra family also in the smartphone and tablet processors. It goes without saying that the proprietary technology in the field of graphics processors is used in these chips and exactly this is the subject of the first patent lawsuit the group at all (the contribution). Even if the outcome of the lawsuit could have a huge impact, the documents to the procedure probably unintentionally betrayed a trifle: The HTC Nexus Tablet 9 aka HTC Volantis (the contribution), which will be equipped with a Tegra K1 NVIDIA.

Thus the name of the upcoming Google tablet may well be regarded as official, because NVIDIA is hardly in a final document as it is sometimes a court document now, with intention to call a false name. In this respect the already longer circulating name Nexus 9 is considered to be genuine, which would ultimately also attached to the rumored 8.9-inch display. More give the documents to the tablet not cheap, except that the Nexus is manufactured by HTC and 9 a Tegra K1 has a processor. Concretely, it means in said documents:

Another thing betray the documents also for Nexus 9 and here it will be really exciting: NVIDIA expects the tablet in the third quarter 2014 which means that Google for the official launch of the Nexus has 9 until the end of September. Provided the timing is right and no presumption on the part of NVIDIA. If, however, the really so and the Nexus will be presented 9 to the end of September, then that would be much earlier than previously thought, with the October 9 (for post) and would confirm the rumor that date is based.

September 12, 2014


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