Moto 360

Shortly after Motorola announced yesterday evening a big press event in Chicago, suggests that the first time in March announced Android-Wear SmartWatch Moto 360 finally finds its way into the trade. Apparently the chic piece of technology might already be available immediately after the event in early September.

For months, many Android fan waits with eager longing for the day when the motor is 360 to acquire finite. This time, now seems to be more than a month away. Google is about to send information e-mails to the participants of this year’s Google I / O; this was promised at the event to receive one of the coveted Smart Watches as soon as it is available. The content of the mail is about the delivery of the motor 360, for a correct address is required. As a deadline for the submission of address is September 5. Although the letter is unfortunately found no definitive release date still, however, a timely availability implied.

Moto 360

Moto 360

In the light of the Google addresses the wants after the Motorola Press Event and the official unveiling of Moto 360, Moto X + 1 and other new devices at least one day, leigt suggest that the SmartWatch short time – possibly really been a day later – after the presentation goes on sale. The date of the official market launch is not far off anyway.

Somewhat taken aback, however, made ​​us another paragraph in the letter in which it is important that the SmartWatch can be shipped only within the countries in which it is certified. Given that the two other Android-Wear SmartWatch models from LG and Samsung are available with us, we hope that the Moto is also available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria 360.

August 16, 2014


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