Lumia 625

Lumia 625 once again the star of an exciting new offering that allow you to purchase it at a particularly attractive price. After the commercial proposals of Euronics, limited to a few stores in the chain, arrive those of Expert, who will be selling the smartphone at the price of 119 euro euro as of 1 October.

The offer comes from the Expert Group Somma which operates in and is confirmed by the official flyer, available in open version of ‘live’, thanks to the reporting of our friend Dominic. The pieces are limited to 300 units and the offer will end on October 5th.

It is not excluded that this is an offer extended to groups in the chain Expert. We will notify you immediately if such a situation were to occur. We look forward to the new updated flyers Expert of the various groups and in the meantime, we continue to that Lumia 625, thanks to the significant drop in price, enter fully into the category of low-cost Windows Phone more attractive at the moment.

September 29, 2014


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