Lumia 1030 Microsoft

Surely you remember information that has been bounced by dozens of websites in recent days have come to expect that there was a Lumia 1030 Microsoft way of shops, in order to succeed the superb Nokia Lumia 1020. Well, as we told you here, that it will not. Look.

At that information is speculated that the Lumia 1030 would reach stores Microsoft’s hand and boasting a 50 MP camera and LED flash fourth generation. There is nothing, considering that the model 1020 and brought at the time the not inconsiderable amount of 41 figures (at least those) of what should be their next generation seemed to square.

But it is not. As you can see by the denial of Tom Warren, a member of the ‘staff’ of The Verge, that in recent days has been identified with the Lumia 1030 was actually the Lumia ‘McLaren’, a codename for a smartphone that does not never goes on sale for that project was canceled by Microsoft last July. Moreover, provides concrete data, is that your camera would be only 20 MP.

Those pictures that transcended the Lumia McLaren operational in the news a few days ago was, as I have, the prototype had put up for sale in a famous Chinese auction site where anyone with access to the project decided to draw some ‘pocket money’ to have a single piece and it could well be of interest to some other collector.

All we can gather from this information is that Microsoft will surely have designed and developments in a range of smartphones with Windows 10 for the next time that does not happen necessarily by a rehabilitation of the old models that once Nokia launched when the mobile branch was part of an independent company.

December 7, 2014


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