LG V10

The LG G5 remained in terms of sales far below expectations. Now the hopes of the successor to the LG V10, which will be released in the third quarter in 2016 according to official figures of the company are.

LG V10: Successor coming later this quarter
Yesterday LG announced the disappointing second quarter results known. The company suffered large losses G5 in the mobile sector due to weak sales of modular LG. Overall, the losses amount to the equivalent of 122 million euros. The successor to the LG V10 – which is expected to bear the name of LG V20 – one might again be in the black and compensate for the failure to be the success of the G5.

LG V10
LG V20: release in the third quarter

Here is the upcoming V-Generation still appear in the third quarter of this year, so LG. Only recently did speculation about a release in early September, the round – that sounds like LG’s statement repeatedly likely. The V10 turned last year as a surprise hit out accordingly LG should stick with the next model of the proven strategy. Although no detailed information about the device known from high-end specifications, however, is expected. The innovative auxiliary display on the front should be a unique feature of the LG V10 also the successor again available

August 1, 2016


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