The only device that can now be found in stores is the LG G4, a phone that was presented this year. This does not mean that LG is not working hard on the development and manufacture of its next smartphone star. In fact, in the last few hours have been leaked in Korea various reports that discuss a feature of the next LG G5. According to this information, LG would have associated Irience a biometrics specialist company, which is a clear indicator that the company is working on something interesting for the future. The not too distant future, because as stated, the development of this technology is at an advanced stage and the hardware module has already been completed. Now the Korean has work to do in the software field, but everything indicates that within two or three months and everything is ready. Right now, according to these reports, LG engineers are focused on getting the phone to be able to read the iris to 50 centimeters, surpassing the mark of 30.

For now, we have a market equipped with fingerprint that has been named Vivo X5Pro sensor device. The device was recently introduced, so if LG wants to compete with an advantage, will have to present its new technology as soon as possible. At the moment we do not know if you intend to present on board the second flagship rumored wants to present in autumn this 2015 or whether on the contrary, is more interested in waiting until 2016, when in all likelihood will be presented to society LG powerful new G5.

June 1, 2015


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