Jawbone UP24

The manufacturer Jawbone has released for its fitness wristband called UP24 a software update, the battery life of the bracelet should improve. There is even talk of double battery life.

The UP24 Jawbone promises among other things, a movement and sleep tracker with a healthier lifestyle is to be achieved. Recently, a double battery life now belongs to the technical details of the bracelet. Instead of being just seven days to the UP24 now a whopping 14 days can be used without having to recharge it.

Simply just install the update on the Jawbone Updater, which is available for Windows and Mac. Subsequently, the bracelet can be used as usual and will now hold the promised 14 days. If this is indeed the case that the battery twice now by holding so long, the UP24 one of the best examples of how the software is to use hardware or may not use.

Jawbone has also also announced that it wants to open the APIs, you want to be compatible with any wearable by any manufacturer. Options such as the new HealthKit seen as an opportunity and not as a threat to its own platform.

September 10, 2014


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