iOS 9

In just one week at WWDC Apple will begin a series of meetings and conferences for developers who cluster around the brand. There are expected to know the next news of the brand, especially those related to the software. Under the odds that will host presentation of IOS 9, the future huge upgrade of the mobile platform of the firm at the apple. While there are already leaked some details about this new version, we now know that Apple will focus on optimizing the firmware for models like the iPhone 4S or the iPad Mini does not slow performance.

Apple was characterized in its infancy in the market of smartphones and tablets for their dedication in caring for the performance of their devices with each update. Similarly he has tried as far as possible avoid the dreaded fragmentation of both spoken in Android. However, with the arrival of iOS 7, the rules of the game began to change. Performance requirements to provide a user experience as the manufacturer originally conceived made smartphones as the iPhone 4 significantly worsen the fluidity of the system. We can say that the same thing happened with IOS 8 and the iPhone 4S. For this reason, the firm at the apple would have taken note not to repeat the same mistake in iOS in September.

Respectful upgrade to devices with Apple A5 processor

So at least they say from the site 9to5Mac, which indicates that, based on the testimony of developers involved in the project IOS 9, the major upgrade to Apple’s future will be characterized by being specially optimized for iDispositivos with Apple A5 processor. That would mean that models like the iPhone 4S, released in 2011, and will run iOS iPad Mini 9 without affecting the user experience. Undoubtedly it would be very important for owners of these devices, devices that otherwise abound in the market still news because many people who still retain them.

iOS 9 looking for a user experience that pleases all

How will this time Apple software engineers to achieve iOS fluid 9 on an iPhone 4S? The theory tells us that this time the manufacturer will act very differently than it did with the development of iOS iOS 7, and 8. Instead of creating a single version thinking of the latest models and rectify it for the rest at the expense of eliminating heavier tasks and functions, now a specific version aimed at extracting the maximum performance from all devices, without being so demanding on the hardware will be created. In this way we will be adding new tools and features for teams like the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 to ensure that the user perceives evolution while ensuring owners models most authentic experience fluid use, no slowdowns, features on the other hand Apple has always sold within the overall brand image

May 24, 2015


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