HTC One M9+

While the HTC One M9 not hit the market yet, we have to be thinking about another great smartphone from the company that could land soon, the HTC One M9 +, which is characterized by having a fingerprint reader. Appears what could an official image of the new smartphone.

Slightly larger

Photography has been published byOnLeaks, and allows us to see quite as the new smartphone from the company, which appears right next to its current flagship HTC One HTC One M9 and M9 +, it seems that the version is called larger. And, precisely this is the most obvious difference between the two smartphones, the new version will have a slightly larger screen, and hence also with a larger size. Thus, the smartphone would of 144.6 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm HTC One M9 to 150.9 x 72.5 x 10.15. Wider, taller and fatter, all to have a 5.2 inch screen.

HTC One M9 +
Fingerprint reader

To all this must be added another obvious difference with the naked eye, and is the physical button that tell the smartphone and would be in the place that is the bottom speaker, which is now split in two. This button would probably be the fingerprint reader that we have discussed so far. No breaks at all with the design of the smartphone, as the size of the bottom bezel remains the same. However, it is quite thin, which makes us think about whether to use scanning technology Fingerprint iPhone and Galaxy S6, where you just put your finger, or if it’s like the Samsung Galaxy S5, in which you have to slide your finger across the reader, and it works much worse. Besides this, we also found a second rear camera, which reminds us of the HTC One M8 camera, which is responsible for measuring the depth of field to change these settings later.

What is still unclear is whether the release of this smartphone is definitely canceled or if indeed it will be released. Given that there are many conflicting reports of HTC One M9 we met, not unlikely that the information now comes not entirely accurate.

March 25, 2015


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