HTC One M8

The Blog Windows Phone Central claims to have learned the detailed technical specifications of the HTC One M8 F for Windows. The new HTC phone that will be available from 21 August at the U.S. network operator Verizon Wireless, will be recorded with the operating system Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, but otherwise the same hardware as that available since May One M8 with the Google OS Android bring. Also brand terms like “Boom Sound”, “Ultra pixels” or “UFocus” transfers HTC according to the report on the Microsoft platform. In addition, the special protective cover HTC Dot view should also work with certain applications on the Windows Phone, including the Microsoft-assistance service Cortana.

HTC One M8

With its high-quality acting unibody aluminum body and strong hardware has the HTC one M8 for Windows it takes to be the next flagship smartphone for Windows Phone. The platform currently dominate the Nokia Lumia smartphones of the platform operator who puts his high-end devices usually in a colored polycarbonate shell. Can not reach the water the HTC one M8 Microsoft smartphones like the Lumia Lumia 930 in 1020, or the camera quality. HTC is at its flagship phone for a Duo Camera with Ultra pixel technology and the second lens for depth measurement. Nokia Lumia smartphones in the developed together with Carl Zeiss Pure View technology with optical image stabilizer.
Launch of HTC One M8 for Windows on 19 August

The One M8 for Windows is presented to the public on August 19, probably from HTC and Microsoft. At least Verizon customers that are not fixed on a mobile operating system, then have the smartphone purchase the opportunity to choose between two devices with different software, but identical hardware platform. Whether the device will be available in Germany, is not yet known.

August 11, 2014


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