HTC One M8 Eye

According to the leakerupleaks it could be at the HTC One Eye M8 be a more oriented to mobile photography Smartphone, whose camera though remains a Duo camera, but will exchange his ultra pixel sensor with a sensor with 13 megapixel resolution. Whether therefore the image quality generally increases or only the resolution is not known. It is conceivable, at least, because of the ultra pixel sensor first came out last year to HTC One M7 used.

Apart from the camera, there are other information and sound a little more interesting: The display will measure 5.2 inches diagonally. Add to that a rumor of recent times with Bose added, then the HTC one M8 Eye could well have the same housing as the HTC one M8, however, utilize the front better. After all, HTC is working in cooperation with Bose in a reduction of its boom sound technology and as a smartphone like the HTC one M8 Eye could be an opportunity for first results. A quad-core Snapdragon 801 is also intended this time as a motor.

However, this is just speculation and nothing Proven. But the fact is that HTC has to prepare himself for the upcoming Christmas season and new models in the prestige-oriented upper class would do the business pretty well. Especially fans of the HTC Max One must wait to be on an official successor.

Provided the Group pursued the phablet strategy at all. Whether this is the case could possibly show on October 8th.

September 15, 2014


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