Galaxy S6 Snapdragon 810

Risks turning into the catchphrase that will characterize the wait for the Mobile World Congress 2015, but above all says a lot about how exasperated both the competition in this field: reports and rumors about the presence of SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in the next Samsung Galaxy S6 continue to succession and contradict the press across the world, all based on rumors of faceless well informed. The picture that they paint is more intricate, but for consumers there is too much to worry anyway standing.

The onset of the Snapdragon 810 was not devoid of some uncertainty, denied by Qualcomm that already at the end of 2014 made it clear that the development and production of the chips were perfectly in line with forecasts and expectations. Last week was LG, which Snapdragon 810 installs in G Flex 2, which is about to enter the market, to deny any voice problems with overheating or slowdowns SoC. However the matter was not closed: even the anonymous voices say that in fact the Snapdragon in question has some trouble angry, and that Qualcomm would take charge of the matter and would be getting a solution that meets Samsung.

Now the speculation they are becoming more and more intricate. LG, according to Korean media, would be ready to sue Qualcomm if indeed it were drafting a revised version of its chip to favor Samsung. There is no official comment from any of the companies involved on the issue, but nonetheless this continuous series of information would seem to suggest that under all this smoke there may be at least a little ‘roast.

That said, in the folds of the benchmarks begin to leak the first results related to its Snapdragon 810: in particular there would be this chip behind the scores attributed Geekbench 3.0 HTC One M9 forthcoming, apparently manned by an octa-core by 1,55GHz that others would not have if not the SoC Qualcomm. This record makes interesting values, to greater than or equal to the current reference points of the category. The surprise, if anything, is that the same benchmark in the same hour also measured the performance of a new Samsung Exynos, with numbers just as interesting if not more so: in short, even if Samsung decides to abandon Snapdragon to follow the way of self-sufficient, the buyers of the Galaxy S6 will have nothing to worry about.

January 28, 2015


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