Asus ZenWatch 2

Asus has presented at the 2015 Computex trade show in Taiwan with a number of novelties. Of all the new products presented, UNOA of the most prominent is certainly the Asus ZenWatch 2, the new SmartWatch Korean multinational. The ZenWatch 2 arrives to replace the previous ZenWatch with a model of sleek and stylish design, with highly customizable thanks to two sizes and different colors available for the case and strap, which also can be ordered in leather, rubber or metal . Inside, the ZenWatch 2 is equipped with the Android operating system Wear, and offers support for the new Wellness Asus application, which allows us to monitor our physical activity from our tablet or smartphone.

Computex salon is one of the fairs of computers and major consumer electronics world. This important event is held annually in the Taiwanese city of Taipei, which is not surprising that firms based in China strive to introduce a number of new products and innovations. This is certainly the case of the multinational Asus, one of the names in the technology industry today, which has used its presence at Computex to introduce a number of new products. One is nustro hero today, the Asus ZenWatch 2, a new device that will represent the Korean in the competitive field of smart watches.

Asus ZenWatch 2

The new Asus ZenWatch 2 presents in the market as a highly customizable wereable. This is possible thanks to the combination of sizes and colors that will be available from launch. Specifically, the ZenWatch 2 launched in two sizes, one for straps 22 mm and one for 18mm and will be available in three trim levels (Silver, gold and gunmetal pinkish). It may be combined with any of 18 different colors for the strap, which also will be offered with metallic finishes, rubber or leather. If all these customization options we add the different faces or digital covers are there in the new ZenWatch 2 will get a team that really every user can configure to your liking without being any detail. Asus also announced a model designed in collaboration with the renowned jeweler Svarovsky, an option that will please fans of the most luxurious designs.

The new ZenWatch 2 is constructed in compliance with IP67 degree of approval or what is the same, it is resistant to dust and splashes. The case is further protected by a sheet of glass Gorilla Glass 3, a material that can be found in many mobile phones that protects your device from scratches and also in case of falls. When consulting information and manage equipment, ZenWatch 2 incorporates a touch screen with AMOLED technology. Apart from this screen, Asus has included a corona type side button that enables you to access different functions of the watch. The processor signed by Qualcomm, and the operating system chosen is Android Wear. The battery charging is done by a magnetic connector cable, and if we choose larger model will get an interesting extra, that is the ability to share the burden of clock battery with your smartphone or other device.

The new ZenWatch 2 incoporar√° different apps to take advantage of computer functionality such as the new Enhanced Remote Camera. This application is designed to remotely control the camera of your smartphone, displaying the image captured by the phone in the clock display, and also allowing photo shoots or choose from the back or front cameras of our smartphone. Asus also emphasizes the compatibility of ZenWatch Wellness 2 with its new application for smartphones, thanks to sensors SmartWatch can monitor and record your physical activity. So far Asus has not reported what the price of the new ZenWatch 2 and it is not known when it will be available, but we will inform you as soon as these data are disclosed.

June 2, 2015


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