Apple’s wearable device to be delivered in 2015

No sooner had Apple officially invited to a media event on September 9, Re / code supplied the information, the Californian company will present there alongside new iPhones also a first wearable product. Now be classified as very serious US-publication shall once again: The iWatch (the cover picture shows a matching SmartWatch design concept), or whatever Apple will call the device ultimately, although it will be shown in a few days, but not yet ready be for a launch. This was not scheduled until early 2015.

Where Re / code gets this kind insider information is not known, but they seem to come directly from the narrower Apple environments. Introduce a device to get it but until months later on the market, may now seem atypical for the modern Apple at first glance, but the opposite is the case. The company is known for planning product launches meticulously and sell equipment shortly after the performance to end users, but it was over the years always exceptions to this rule. Particularly prestigious or completely newly developed product categories shows Apple even preferred with a certain temporal distance to the targeted launch. This happened among other things the new cylindrical Mac Pro, the first iPad or even the very first iPhone.

The reason for this procedure is easily explained. Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep a secret product development, once larger quantities are produced from it. That could just make again followed the example of the upcoming iPhone models, where heaps of information came from the factories of Asian suppliers and contract manufacturers to the public.

Another advantage of early product idea is that this usually demand situation can be better estimated market launch. In the months between the first announcement and the delivery to the trade, the production output can still adapt to a certain extent, so that there is sufficient or not too many copies in the sales channels land for sale start.

So even if we as reported September 9 must take a first look at Apple’s wearable device, interested parties should already be warming to the idea of being able to actually try out the good piece until next year due to the Re / code report.

August 30, 2014


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