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Again and again, rumors about the Apple iWatch in the network, but also about the date of conception and delivery are circulating various statements. Last was expected due to supplier reports a publication of the Smart Watch in November or December this year. According to these reports was also assumed that one would imagine the iWatch possibly on a joint event with the iPhone 6 with 5.5-inch large display.

When it comes to the statements of analysts, appeared again and again on the last name Ming-Chi Kuo. This has worked for KGI Securities and now underscored its previous statements that it applies to overcome some hurdles for Apple. These concern, first, the software for the Smart Watch, as well as the hardware itself. Clearly, Apple with its own SmartWatch must again stand out from the competition in order to win this market for themselves can.

Ming-Chi Kuo therefore assumes that production will start in November and the publication could not take place before 2015. Even if the iWatch So actually only the start of 2015 should be available for consumers, it could still be that Apple already presented at the end of the year at an event to the public the intelligent clock. In general, however, Apple is known that the products are already few days after the performance also commercially available.

IWatch for themselves are in contrast to the iPad 2 or iPhone 6 Air no really reliable Leaks in terms of design. One suspects but also the various models in the Smart Watch will come onto the market, they should be different, both in terms of price and size. It is also unclear yet whether sapphire glass at the iWatch will be used and what sensors they will have. However, one can assume that a close link with the new health app of iOS will consist 8 and corresponding sensors for pulse and step count can be installed.

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August 20, 2014


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